Data Release 1 - 15 June 2012

The first data release consists of 578 of the 3,237 fields comprising GPIPS. These were obtained during observing runs in 2010 (May, June, and September) and in 2011 (May). The have been processed through software version 7.1.0 of the MSP_PPOL package.

The following ZIP files contain all of the entries for the 578 files:

Summary.txt - Text file summary of the general properties of the 578 fields - ZIP file containing the 578 POLCAT files (166 MBytes) - same, for the PHOTCATs (160 MBytes) - all 578 Postscript files showing images and vector overlays (165 MBytes) - 2 x 578 files - DS9-type 'region' files for the images (6 Mbytes) - the 578 FITS images of the deep coadds for each field (2.0 GBytes)

At present, individual fields are not available for download, nor are individual star properties. We expect to turn on these features over the next few weeks.

Publications resulting from use of GPIPS data must include the required acknowledgement (About > Sponsors).