Data Release 2 - 12 March 2014

This final data release consists of all 3,237 fields comprising GPIPS. The have been processed through MSP_PPOL software version 8.2.1 (20140312; with final H-band calibration).

The zip files here represent the inital form of the DR2 release. We will next turn to making the data access VO compliant and will develop mirror site hosting.

The following ZIP files contain all of the entries for the 3,237 files:

Summary_Table.dat - Text file summary of the general properties of each of the observed fields, including a GP serial number, the nominal Galactic longitude and latitude of the field, the observing run identifier, the night of the observation, the offset of the actual field center (in arcsec) from the nominal pointing center, first image number, FWHM of the combined photometric image, as well as counts of images observed but judged inadequate for inclusion (Nuse0) and the number included in the analysis (Nok). The final three columns list the sky noise (in %) across the observation set (see Clemens+12a), a measure of any image incursion of the autoguider probe, and a figure-of-merit that was used to select among any multiple observations of the field. The highest FOM was chosen for inclusion in the DR2 set. (same Table in PDF form) - ZIP file containing all the hand-written logs of the observations, taken at the time of observation, for all the GPIPS observing runs and nights. (~1 Gbyte) - ZIP file containing the POLCAT files (~1 Gbyte) - same, for the PHOTCATs (~1 Gbyte) - Postscript files showing images with vector overlays for the high polarization S/N (>2.5) stars (~1 Gbyte) - 2 x 3,237 files - DS9-type 'region' files for the images. One set for high polarization S/N, the other for all stars with S/N > 1 (34 Mbytes) - the 3,237 FITS images of the deep coadds for each field (11 GBytes)

The oringinal file could not be uploaded to the new gpips0 computer as a single file, so the following 7 files contain the full set of FITS images, in blocks of 500, indexed by the GPIPS field number. Each is a 1.7 Gbyte ZIP file. [20150504]

Images for fields 0001 through 0499
Images for fields 0500 through 0999
Images for fields 1000 through 1499
Images for fields 1500 through 1999
Images for fields 2000 through 2499
Images for fields 2500 through 2999
Images for fields 3000 through 3237

At present, individual fields are not available for download, nor are individual star properties. We expect to turn on these features over the next few weeks.

Publications resulting from use of GPIPS data must include the required acknowledgement (About > Sponsors).