About the Website

This website was created for the Galatic Plane Infrared Polarization Survey in the year 2007 by Carol Carveth (Boston University). The general purposes of the website are for data delivery from the survey and communication to the public about the survey. The purpose of this page is to give more information about how to navigate and use this website.

Please note that if you are using a browser that does not support CSS or are overriding the default CSS of these pages, you will find that some of the information on this page will not mirror your own experiences.

General Navigation

At the top of each page on this website there is a primary navigation bar. This navigation bar: (1) indicates which primary section of the website the user is currently viewing, and (2) displays links to all of the other primary sections of the website.

Underneath the primary navigation bar will be found the secondary navagation bar for the currently selected primary option.

For example, this page is the "About" (primary) section of the website, of which you are viewing the "Website" (secondary) selection page.

Clicking on the selections "Index", "Science", "Project", "Survey", "Surveyors", or "Sponsorship" in the secondary navigation bar will take you to one of these other pages within the About primary section.

Clicking on any of the "Main", "About", "Data", or "Sitemap" selections on the primary navagation bar will lead your browser to display either the Main page for this website, information about what you will find in the "About" section of the website, information about what you will find in the "Data" section of the website, or the Sitemap for the website.

An illustration what the primary and secondary navigation bars should look like. In this image, the navigation bars indicate that the (secondary) page being viewed is "About Forms" in the "Data" (primary) section of the website.

The sitemap, accessible by clicking "Sitemap" in the main navigation bar, gives a litsing of the different pages available on this website. It is possible to do the bulk of your navigation through this site using that page only.

The email form, which is located at the bottom of each page and in the sitemap, is provided to allow you to contact us about either this website or the project in general.