Getting GPIPS Data

NEWS: [1/31/2017] DR3.1 is available for for fetching, though not for searching. Php tools for data searching were disabled as part of the move to hosting GPIPS data on a virtual machine.

[15 June 2012] - Downloads of DR1 are now possible, see the 'Data_Release_1' page. Searching the DR1 set is not yet available.

[1 June 2012] - We are in the process of updating this website and preparing to host the First Data Release ('DR1') on 15 June 2012. Please check back on or after that date.

Here is some information about the format of data when it is delivered, and maybe a few links to IDL program files that we think we ought to include. The Advanced Form of the data query form is available for use, or you can perform a quick 'n dirty search using the short form below.

Method of Search:
Coordinate System to query by:  
Either Coordinates in (l, b) or (ra, dec):
( , )
Range of box from center point in (l,b) or (ra,dec):
( , )
NOTE: Values should be in decimal form.
OR Coordinates as GPIPS Field(s) of Interest OR as GPIPS Object Identifier

Field Number or Range OR Object GPIPS Identifier: